The chairman of the interior committee in parliament leaves office

Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) MP Hicham El Mhajri has formally tendered his resignation as chairman of the interior committee after the party’s political bureau decided last week to suspend his duties and membership within the executive office. This is what the secretary of the House of Representatives confirmed on Monday.

At the opening of the weekly session of oral questions held today in the House of Representatives, Tarik Kadiri, the secretary general of the chamber announced having received a letter of resignation from MP Hicham El Mhajri, relieving him of his duties as chairman of the commission for the interior, local authorities, housing and city policy, following the freezing of his membership in the political office of the PAM and this, at the end of the declarations and criticisms he recently formulated during the session of vote of the bill of finance.

According to a source close to the deputy, El Mhajri took this decision last week, after the suspension action initiated by the Tractor Party which also referred its file to the institution in charge of arbitration and ethics.

According to the PAM press release published last Monday, El Mhajri’s intervention constitutes an infraction of the principles, laws and directives of the party in terms of alliances, and shows a lack of respect for the political commitment and constitutional which binds the members of the PAM to the majority.

The document adds that the deputy expressed “explicitly his questioning of the principles and orientations of the party, and his lack of respect for the political and constitutional commitment binding the party to the majority. Consequently, it was decided to freeze his membership in the political office and to refer his file to the institution of the party which deals with arbitration and ethics.”.

The MP thus submitted his letter of resignation to the President of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami.

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