The 12th Morocco-USA Defense Advisory Committee highlights the excellence of bilateral cooperation

On high instructions from the King, Supreme Chief and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), Lieutenant General Belkhir El Farouk, Inspector General of the FAR and Commander of the Southern Zone, co-chaired on Tuesday in Washington, with the US Secretary of State for Defense, the 12th Morocco-United States Defense Advisory Committee.

On this occasion, the Inspector General of the FAR, at the head of a large military delegation, held meetings with senior Pentagon officials, the purpose of which is to discuss bilateral military cooperation and the means of strengthening it in the future, says a press release from the General Staff of the FAR.

In this context, the Inspector General of the FAR welcomed the excellence and the exceptional nature of the Moroccan-American cooperation and its positive results both in terms of training and joint training as well as the supply of equipment. and high-performance war materials with the necessary support, while emphasizing that bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America, rooted in history and marked by mutual respect, are called upon to be further strengthened. more to serve the common interests of both countries.

During these meetings, the Lieutenant General, Inspector General of the FAR and Commander of the Southern Zone, discussed the challenges to be met in the North African and Sahelo-Saharan region, where the security situation is more worrying in because of the intervention of extra-regional actors and their collusion with separatist movements, it is reported.

He affirmed in this regard that the Kingdom remains determined to face the various threats hanging over its environment, through the strengthening of both alliances and its operational capacities, with the main objective of ensuring the defense of its territorial integrity. and the security of its borders, indicates the same source.

This visit was also an opportunity for the two parties to examine the objectives of the “2020-2030” roadmap with a view to adapting them to the evolution of regional challenges related to security and defence.

In this regard, Lieutenant General Belkhir El Farouk recalled the Kingdom’s effective commitment to peace and regional stability and its pioneering role as an exporter of peace and security in the region, which is materialized, in particular by the deployment of more than 1,700 Moroccan Blue Helmets in the CAR and the DRC, and the creation, thanks to the support of the United States of America, of the Center of Excellence for Peacekeeping Operations.

The strategic cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America was crowned, in October 2020, by the signing of a memorandum of understanding outlining the ten-year roadmap 2020-2030, for the consolidation of bilateral relations in the field of defence.

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