Teachers and families of private students, the big ones forgotten!

Private teachers, but also the families of students educated in this sector, seem to be the big forgotten of the finance bill (PLF) 2023, presented to the House of Councilors after its approval by the House of Representatives on November 11.

For the Executive Office of the League for Private Education in Morocco, the government has not taken into account the demands of families whose children are educated in the private sector or of teachers in the private sector.

In this regard, the league recently held a meeting devoted in particular to the debate around this question, but also with regard to the budget devoted to education and the needs of the sector and its components.

It was thus a question of the dialogues which brought together the various branches of the League in the regions of the Kingdom with the teachers and the educational executives of the private education sector on the one hand, and the meetings with the families who chose to educate their children in private sector establishments, on the other hand.

In this regard, the Executive Bureau of the League, which reiterated its permanent commitment to advocate for all issues concerning the development of Moroccan schools, said it deplored the inaction of the parliamentary groups which validated the PLF 2023, without taking into account the grievances of the families of pupils, nor of teachers in the private sector.

The League has therefore called on all the councilors of the 2nd chamber, who are currently examining the PLF 2023, to take into account these demands and the various proposals made previously by the League and the various partners in the sector, during discussions of the sectoral budget of the League. education and the general tax code, before the vote on the new finance law.

Proposals for amendments had been made, underlines the League, which specifies that they aimed in particular to guarantee the right to education for all within the framework of equity and equal opportunities for children from different strata. of society, but also to underline the need for the government to play its role in preserving the balance between the educational services provided both in the public and in the private sector.

The Executive Bureau of the League also renews its request to the government and to the two chambers of Parliament, to activate the recommendations of the national tax meeting held in 2013, by adopting a revision of income tax to reduce the tax burden on families and support their purchasing power by taking into account the expenses borne by households, including costs related to schooling, on the horizon of adopting a tax system that includes all family expenses.

The Bureau also indicates that the families have informed the various sections of the League of their dissatisfaction with the measure contained in the PLF 2023, instituting an increase in the IR of temporary teachers, from 17% to 30 %, in accordance with article 58 of the General Tax Code.

For these families, adds the Office, the revaluation of the IR of the teachers, in the light of the current situation characterized by the rise in prices, will lead either to an increase in the school fees of their children, or to a deterioration in the quality education.

“Families who have chosen to send their children to private educational establishments are considered to be the only funders of the public service linked to the right to education guaranteed by the Constitution, faced with the absence of any government support”deplores the Executive Office of the League.

Anger was also noted in the ranks of private teachers who denounced the government’s failure to respect the promises made to the most representative unions during the rounds of social dialogue, in terms of lowering the IR rate, continues -he.

“Teachers consider that the central role entrusted to them in meeting the challenges of improving educational services requires the implementation of incentive measures, but without harming the purchasing power of families so that the right to education of their children is not done to the detriment of the rest of the rights”supports the League.

After welcoming the increase in the budget allocated to the national education sector, to reach an overall envelope of 68.95 billion dirhams in 2023, the Bureau deplores the fact that the government continues to ignore families’ requests for support. education in the private sector.

All budgetary provisions related to schooling in the Kingdom only benefit public pupils, unlike those who opt for the private sector.

The latter, believes the League, are deprived of several rights, in particular that allowing families to recover part of the IR, given the tuition fees they pay each year, despite the Council’s recommendations. Economic, Social and Environmental (CESE) aimed at strengthening the purchasing power of the middle classes.

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