Steps to be followed by households to benefit from it

In its presentation note for the PLF 2023, the government indicated that the implementation of the National Population Register (RNP) and Unified Social Register (RSU) projects is underway for generalization before the end of 2023. as detailed as the RNP will be generalized before the end of 2022 and the RSU throughout the national territory before the end of 2023.

This, it is explained, will allow the start of the granting of family allowances on the basis of the eligibility criteria of the RNP/RSU system, and this, in parallel with a progressive decompensation and substitution of existing social programs.

Here are the steps to be followed by households to register and benefit from a social support program:

1- Registration of household members in the National Population Register (RNP) (Only once in the life of the person)

– All household members must register for the RNP and obtain the Digital Civil and Social Identifier (IDCS)

– The registration process takes place at the citizen service center (administrative annex or Caïdat) to which their home address is attached. Mobile units will be provided in remote areas.

– A unique IDCS identifier is communicated to each individual registered in the RNP in less than 24 hours

– Registration for the RNP is free.

– It is preferable to make a request for pre-registration on the site to reduce the duration of the registration process.

2- Registration of the household in the Unified National Register (RNU) (Only once in the life of the household)

– Prior registration in the Unified Social Register is required for any household wishing to benefit from social support programs (Article 12 of Law No. 72-18).

– Registration is carried out online on the RSU portal or at a citizen service center to which the applicant’s home address is attached.

– Any adult member of a household can register in the Register

– The applicant fills out a form with social and economic data (type of housing, durable goods, current expenses, etc.)

– The socio-economic index of the household is estimated on the basis of objective, measurable and verifiable socio-economic and demographic indicators. The applicant is notified of the IDCS of the household.

3- Registration for social support programs (registration required for each program)

– The registration process and the verification of eligibility to benefit from social support programs are managed by the competent entities.

– Registration in the Unified National Register is compulsory in order to be able to register for social support programmes.

A pilot phase has been set up for the gradual generalization of this system, so as to preserve the rights of all beneficiaries.

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