Sira Annabaouia and Islamic civilization come to Rabat

The cultural capital of the Islamic World for 2022, Rabat, is home to the headquarters of the Islamic World Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ICESO), the international exhibition and the Museum of Sira Annabaouia and civilization Islamic, which highlights the different aspects of the life of the Prophet (PSL).

This exhibition, placed under the High Patronage of King Mohammed VI, is divided into 20 sections, through modern technologies, the most important of which is the ” The Prophet (PSL) as if you saw him“, which exhibits the personal belongings of the Prophet.

Inaugurated Thursday by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, this exhibition is held for the first time outside Medina by inviting itself to Rabat, cultural capital of the Islamic World for 2022.

Equipped with interactive screens, this exhibition projects, for the first time Al Houjra Annabaouia Acharifa (the Prophet’s room) with all its components and contents, in addition to the projection of interactive videos on the Sira Annabaouia.

Also, the exhibition presents miniatures of ” Mecca ” and of ” Medina at the time of the Prophet, as well as a reproduction of the “Minbar Annabaoui”, identical to the original in its manufacture.

In a statement to the press, ICESCO Director General Salim Mohamed Al-Malik said that “ the exhibition “Al Houjra Annabaouia Acharifa” (Chamber of the Prophet) illustrates with extreme precision, for the first time in history, the shape of the chamber, as if you lived there”.

All the objects in the exhibition and the International Museum of the Sirah of the Prophet and Islamic Civilization draw their reference from the Holy Quran, the hadiths of the Prophet and what was told by the Companions“, he noted.

Organized at the ICESCO headquarters in Rabat, the international exhibition dedicated to ” the Sîra of the prophet and the Islamic civilization » now remains the first itinerant version of the museums of the Sirah of the Prophet, based in Medina.

Constituting the culmination of the strategic partnership between ICESCO, the Islamic World League and the Rabita Mohammadia of Ulemas, it aims to highlight the message of Islam embodying justice, peace, mercy, tolerance, coexistence and moderation, and based on the Holy Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet and Islamic history.

Using the latest technologies, it allows visitors to experience the real Sirah of the Prophet, as well as historical monuments and events.

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