RS Berkane loses first round to US Monastir

Berkane’s Renaissance Sportive lost to the Tunisian formation of the Monastirienne Sports Union (0-1), in a match counting for the second additional round of the African Football Confederation Cup, played on Wednesday at the Mustapha Stadium Ben Jannet from Monastir.

The only goal of the game was scored by Abdelkader Boutiche in the 10th.

For this first tussle between the two teams, the first offensive maneuvers were Monastirian. During the first minutes, the Berkanese were under pressure from the Tunisians.

Youssef Bahri’s teammates had to secure in defense against Usémists brought forward from the start of the match to try to score quickly, taking advantage of the advantage of the public and the field. The latter succeeded, moreover, from the 10th minute of the game thanks to a cross shot from Abdelkader Boutiche following a good delivery from his teammate Houssem Teka.

Berkane’s RS had a difficult first quarter of an hour before they could finally put their game down.

The frantic pace of play maintained by the two teams seems to benefit more from the Berkanais known for their quick transitions and who evolved better in midfield.

The game became balanced, but the shape of the opponent in front did not facilitate the mission of the proteges of Abdelhak Ben Chikha.

It must be said that the foals of the Serbian Darko Noovic were well organized in all compartments of play and in top physical form from the start to the end of the match.

The physical engagement of both sides marked the end of the first act and the two minutes of additional time added by the Sudanese referee Mahmoud Ali Ismail, did not change the situation.

RS Berkane was trailing at the break 0-1.

On the restart, the two teams returned to the pitch with the same squad. On the game side, we found the same configuration: Tunisians always carried forward in search of a second goal and Moroccans resigned to defending making vigilance their main bet to get out of this round go with the least expense.

Goalkeeper Hamza Hamiani perfectly illustrated this vigilance in the 63rd, by repelling in extremis the long shot from 40 meters from Hichem Baccar.

In the 73, US Monastir lost the services of Amokrane replaced by Idriss Mhirsi.

In turn, Ben Chikha operated his first cards to try to turn the tide. As the minutes went by, the tension became palpable and Ragragui’s teammates spared no effort to defend and attempt a few counterattacks in the hope of overcoming their late goal.

The Berkanais finally resigned themselves to returning to Morocco with a goal delay which cannot be a handicap and which they will try to go back to their stronghold in Berkane in a week. The return leg will take place next Wednesday at the Berkane municipal stadium from 6 p.m.

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