Republicans edge closer to majority in House of Representatives

In the aftermath of the midterm elections in the United States, the Democrats seem to be losing control of the lower house (House of Representatives) in favor of Donald Trump’s Republicans, but keeping the Senate.

This year, for the Midterms, more than a third of the elected representatives in the House of Representatives questioned the election of Joe Biden, they are two hundred and ten newly elected Republican candidates, who strongly criticized the results of the 2020 presidential election which saw Joe Biden being elected against Donald Trump, indicated a study published by the New York Times.

Ultimate control of the US Congress is not won for either party, and the “red wave” that former President Donald Trump professed and predicted a large Republican victory did not take place.

While the final results are not yet known, and for that we will still have to wait for the postal ballots, a trend is already emerging, with a majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives.

It is customary in the United States for the party opposing the president to make significant inroads in midterm elections because they are an opportunity for voters to sanction the presidential party.

the outcome of the battle for control of the US Congress remains uncertain. The Democrats could keep control of the Senate and the Republicans take the House of Representatives, which could stall the Biden administration’s plans for the next two years of Biden’s term.

In the House of Representatives, three Republican candidates won seats for New York State, and a new Democrat elected for Pennsylvania, a seat won by John Fetterman against Republican Mehmet Oz.

The Democrats snatched two governorships from the Republicans, in Maryland and Massachusetts. For their part, the Republicans won a governor in Georgia, and the important post of senator in Ohio, won by JD Vance.

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