Report: Moroccan clubs, an effective model for investing in talent

A report published by “Asharq News”, notes that Moroccan football clubs are an efficient model of investment in talent.

The document also sheds light on the financial conditions and means of Arab football activity, as well as the efficiency of expenditure.

Even if Moroccan clubs are not the most profitable, their model remains effective in the last decade or in 2021, insofar as they conclude contracts at low prices or with free players, before making “advantageous” transfers. “says the report.

Moroccan formations have spent, over the last decade, 9.3 million dollars and realized revenues of 51.7 million dollars, or a profit of some 42.5 million dollars.

The same policy, continued in 2021 with profits exceeding 7 million dollars, further notes the report, which reported transfers of players in 16 Arab countries, namely Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Oman and Bahrain, based on official data of FIFA via the TMS system.

According to the report, Arab clubs have spent $1.454.4 billion over the past decade to hoard players, while the value of players whose contracts have been sold stands at $549 million.

Saudi clubs come top in terms of spending, notes the report, according to which, the Emiratis are second, the Qataris (3rd) and the Egyptians (4th).

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