Rabat and Riyadh sign a memorandum of understanding on tourism

Morocco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed, Thursday in Marrakech, a memorandum of understanding (MoU), aimed at strengthening cooperation in the tourism sector and harmonizing efforts to achieve sustainable development of the tourism industry in both countries.

Initialed by the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy, Mrs. Fatim-Zahra Ammor and the Minister of Tourism of Saudi Arabia, Mr. Ahmed Al-Khateeb, on the sidelines of the 117th Executive Council of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the agreement will provide a framework for the exchange of expertise in tourism, the identification of investment opportunities as well as the development of human capital.

“This memorandum of understanding between Morocco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia illustrates a common vision between our two brotherly countries and marks a turning point in our cooperation in the tourism sector. It will lead to more joint initiatives, sharing of experiences and good practices, and will allow both countries to promote their tourism sectors, and thus optimize their potential in this industry,” Ms. Ammor said in a statement to the press, following the signing ceremony of this document.

“This agreement will make it possible to develop all avenues of cooperation in terms of promoting the tourism sector between the two countries,” she added.

In a similar statement, Mr. Al-Khateeb expressed his joy at signing this agreement between the two brotherly countries, noting that this MoU covers several areas related to tourism, such as tourism promotion between the two countries and training.

“Saudi Arabia and Morocco share a common commitment to preserve their rich cultural heritages and their respective natural sites, including the sea, the mountains and the desert, while putting young talents at the center of their development plans”, he added.

“Sustainability is at the heart of Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambitions and, by working with like-minded partners such as Morocco, we hope to strengthen the sector not only in the region, but also globally, to to make tourism more sustainable, more inclusive and more resilient for people and communities,” he continued.

And Mr. Al-Khateeb underlined that “this agreement is likely to strengthen the historic and solid relations between the two brotherly countries and to open up new prospects for cooperation in the field of the exchange of expertise”. This MoU will promote more investment opportunities in tourism for both countries and will also allow a substantial transfer of know-how and tourism training.

As the global tourism sector continues to identify solutions to better recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, this Memorandum of Understanding will allow Morocco and Saudi Arabia to learn from each other’s experiences and to provide new avenues for collaboration and growth.

Indeed, Morocco and Saudi Arabia both recognize the potential of the tourism sector to support the development of the local economy, while promoting local job creation.

The MoU will support sustainable tourism efforts, by strengthening training and knowledge sharing, and introduce new tourism investment opportunities.

Saudi Arabia is currently one of Morocco’s major partners in the Arab world. In 2020, the country invested $26.6 million in many sectors in Morocco, including real estate, agriculture and tourism.

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