Ouzzine or Zwini to succeed Laensar?

The Popular Movement Party (MP) is preparing to hold its 14th National Congress on 25 and 26 November at the Moulay Abdallah complex in Rabat, to elect its new secretary general to succeed Mohand Laensar.

In this regard, Driss Sentissi, head of the Congress preparatory committee, announced at a press conference, after the end of the deadline for submitting applications, that the general secretariat of the party had received only two applications. These are those of Mohamed Ouzzine and Driss Zwini, members of the MP’s political bureau.

It should be recalled that several names from the Popular Movement have been put forward as potential candidates to succeed Laensar, such as Said Amzazi, Mohamed Moubdii and Nasser Azkag. But none of them showed up in the end.

According to data obtained by MoroccoLatestNewsMohamed Ouzzine, who is supported by Mohand Laensar, the outgoing general secretary, is closest to the post.

Some time ago, Mohamed Ouzzine had started mobilizing party leaders to support him for the succession of Mohand Laensar. He also led the interventions of the MP’s parliamentary group inside the House of Representatives against the government of Aziz Akhannouch.

For his part, Odai Sbai, head of the Rules and Procedures Committee, revealed during the press conference that Mohand Laensar, had decided not to stand again.

Mohand Laensar had initially refused to take on the task of party president, before accepting under the insistence of the MPists’ demands, he said, noting that he would take on advisory and arbitration tasks. within the party, while the general secretariat of the party would oversee management matters.

According to Driss Sentissi, Laensar’s tasks will be to ensure arbitration within the party, and to find solutions to major problems.

The People’s Movement Party has formed a 150-member preparatory committee for its 14th congress.

The organizational decision relating to the National Congress also stipulated the need for representation of the different institutions of the party and its parallel organizations, as well as regional representation, in addition to its executives and skills, in compliance with the standards of competence, specialization, support capacity and effective presence in the work of the sub-committees, but also of the membership charter.

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