Ouzzine elected new secretary general of the MP

Mohamed Ouzzine was elected, this Saturday, November 26 in Salé, to succeed Mohand Laenser as secretary general of the Popular Movement (MP) party for a first term, during the holding of the 14th party congress, “session of Mahjoubi Aherdane ”.

The elections of the new secretary general of the MP Party took place on the sidelines of the 14th congress which took place on November 25 and 26 in Salé, the session of which was held this year under the name of the late Mahjoubi Aherdane to pay tribute to the founder , with Abdelkrim Al Khatib, from the Popular Movement.

Two candidacies were received by the general secretariat putting in the running the two members of the party, Driss Zouini and Mohamed Ouzzine who ended up winning the votes of the majority of the congressmen.

He succeeds for a term of 4 years to Mohand Laenser who will now serve as Chairman of the MP Presidency Advisory Council.

It is undoubtedly not a surprise for the former Minister of Youth and Sports to take the lead of this political formation. The new secretary general of the MP has several political activities to his credit and was the favorite of the members to take over and succeed Laenser, who notably supported him, even before the launch of the voting operation this Saturday.

Mohamed Ouzzine joined the MP in the early 2000s and later became a member of the party’s political bureau. His achievements during his political career have certainly contributed to the strengthening of the confidence of his counterparts, thus enabling him to win the elections for this position of great responsibility.

It should be noted that a few days before the launch of the party congress, Mohamed Ouzzine had begun to mobilize the leaders of the political party to support him in his candidacy. Recall that he has also led the interventions of the MP’s parliamentary group in the House of Representatives against the government of Aziz Akhannouch.

The 14th National Congress of the Popular Movement, whose work took place over two days, focused on the theme “Fidelity to Morocco of Institutions” in a period marked by inflation and the repercussions of the pandemic.

In this regard, Driss Senssiti, president of the congress, said that “ this station can be considered an organizational turning point in the history of the party, which seeks to rehabilitate a social project not only at the level of discourse, but also at the level of practice“.

It’s about a ” station framed by basic bets, the most significant of which is the election of the party leadership, the development of a new structure, and the inauguration of a renewed political discourse in line with the transformations that our country is experiencing, and imposed by the new position of the party as the basic component of the national and institutional opposition. In addition to establishing an organizational and legal base that paves the way for new generations and other horizons for our country“, he adds.

For his part, Mohand Laenser indicated that, given the current situation in Morocco, ” today we greatly need bold initiatives and decisions to respond to the problems marked by the decline in development indicators such as education, health and employment“. For the outgoing Secretary General, a new era is dawning, giving way only to people who are ready to adapt to change and technological progress.

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