Opening of the 28th edition of the Casablanca International Video Art Festival

The 28th Casablanca International Video Art Festival (FIAV) opened Tuesday evening at the Mohammed VI Theater under the theme: “E-migration of the arts in the Metaverses”.

This festival, organized from November 8 to 12 at the initiative of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences Ben M’sik, aims to be a continuity of the artistic project which aims to illustrate the different forms and types of fusion and interaction between technology and art.

On this occasion, the president of the festival Abdelkader Gonegai, indicated that this edition is “special and special”both in its form and in its content, since artificial intelligence, known as “Deep learning”, has begun to invade the Internet and profoundly transform the spheres of graphic and artistic creation throughout the world.

Gonegai claimed that the festival “provides for several editions a lively and rich space for young artists around the world, for creation and innovation”through exchanges with professionals, workshops and master classes, as well as the various installations, scheduled performances and the symposium.

“In cyberspace, with all the technological developments in the fields of artistic creation, in a process called +creative empowerment+, young artists, amateurs and professionals, are gradually becoming familiar with the tools of new technologies to an artistic creation, which has completely upset and revolutionized the usual artistic, aesthetic, social and economic standards”he continued.

This year the festival will also be marked by a series of conferences, workshops and masterclasses which question the stakes of these virtual universes and their relationship with the body and current artistic creation.

Since its creation in 1993, the FIAV has positioned itself as a large-scale multidisciplinary event. It has become an unmissable event and a national and international reference in the field of video and digital arts. The festival brings together fanatics of renewal, inspiration and above all of the interbreeding of art and new technologies.

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