Objective, to honor commitments to citizens

The minister delegate in charge of the budget, Fouzi Lekjaa affirmed, Thursday in Rabat, that the finance bill (PLF) 2023 reflects the will of the government to put in place its commitments vis-à-vis the citizens.

Speaking during a plenary session in the House of Representatives dedicated to the examination and vote of PLF No. 50.22 for the 2023 budget year, Lekjaa stressed that this bill enshrines “respect for the of its commitments”, through several concrete measures.

In this sense, he recalled the allocation of more than 300 billion dirhams (MMDH) for public investment, in addition to an additional amount of more than 3 billion dirhams to encourage private investment within the framework of the establishment of the Investment Charter.

The official also specified that one billion dirhams have been devoted to the operationalization of the digital strategy, in addition to 100 billion dirhams for the education and health sectors.

To support the purchasing power of citizens, Lekjaa indicated that 26 billion dirhams were allocated to the Compensation Fund, 15 billion dirhams to generalize social protection and education support programs.

The Minister also specified that 10 billion dirhams have been allocated to the management of water scarcity, and 9 billion dirhams to respect the commitments of social dialogue, in addition to the creation of more than 48,000 budget items. The PLF-2023 is also an “ambitious and optimistic” project, he stressed, noting that several measures will be put in place to support domestic demand, and support public and private investment.

Lekjaa also recalled that this project is “realistic” insofar as it is based on an assumption of 800 dollars for butane gas, according to the forecasts of specialized institutions, having taken into consideration the continued rise in world prices for this gas. matter.

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