Negotiation, the only way to break the vicious circle around the Sahara

Violence, murder and threats, the multiple crimes against humanity committed by the Polisario are causing the Sahrawi Movement for Peace (MSP) to react, which insists more and more on the adoption of a political and peaceful approach based on negotiations with Morocco, by qualifying the proposal for autonomy of the Sahara under the sovereignty of the Kingdom as a solution that can put an end to the vicious cycle of this conflict.

Invited to the Spanish program “De cara al mundo” in its latest edition, Ahmed Barack Allah, the secretary general of the MSP analyzes the current situation of the Sahara conflict while denouncing the threats of the polisario and its violent tactics which seem to have increased after the separatists’ announcement of the acquisition of Iranian drones.

The SG of the movement thus expresses his concern in this regard, specifying that this conflict is “triggered unilaterally by the Polisario a few years ago”, pointing to the breach of “its commitment to the ceasefire decreed by the United Nations” generating “daily victims”. He specifies that their “concern about the bloodshed caused by the Polisario, pushes his party for the restoration of the ceasefire and the continuation of the political process.

Barack Allah indicated in particular that his movement as well as the entire Sahrawi population hope to find a peaceful solution “after 50 years of confrontation”.

Lucid, the head of the MSP directly points to the responsibility of Algeria in the instrumentalization of the Sahrawis through the Polisario. “We have been mere objects in an eternal confrontation between Morocco and Algeria”, he declared, affirming that now Algeria and the Polisario “to complete all this, they can once again insert into a kind of cold war, reminiscent of the past, in which we were also a kind of guinea pig”.

As for the negotiations, the MSP thinks that the Moroccan autonomy plan in the Sahara is a possible solution “especially if it contains elements that guarantee that the Sahrawis can exercise their power through institutions with international guarantees and through an agreement with the King of Morocco, which is inevitable”.

The United Nations negotiating round tables “is the only way to break the vicious circle in which we have been for 30 years. Morocco, the Polisario and Algeria, as well as Mauritania, have been seeing each other for almost three decades”, he adds, emphasizing the urgency of finding a solution since the “population lives in conditions appalling, mainly in refugee camps.

Moreover, the young Sahrawis, disappointed, seek a reform of the separatist system of the polisario, and call for a renewal of the generations.

“I think it is a request from all Sahrawis that there be a generational transition at the head of the Polisario. We hope that they will pass this test during the next congress, even if personally I am very pessimistic as to the possibility of an opening within the polisario”, affirms Barack Allah.

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