Morocco-Israel, an excellent potential for cooperation in agriculture and water management

Thanks to According to the Abraham Accords, Morocco and Israel will be able to develop their partnership in agriculture and water management where each of the two countries brings unique expertise, affirmed several international experts within the framework of the MEDays Forum.

“The Abraham Accords have strategic logic, and that’s why they’ve proven to be so enduring,” said Ilan Berman, senior vice president at the American Foreign Policy Council think tank, who was speaking on the new paradigms in the Middle East.

These agreements offer potential for cooperation between the countries of the region at several levels and particularly in agriculture and water management for Morocco and Israel.

“Morocco, which is one of the world’s largest fertilizer producers, and Israel, which benefits from cutting-edge expertise in irrigation, could strengthen their collaboration in this area for the benefit of Africa”, affirmed in this sense the American expert.

Today, the Kingdom, which is going through a water crisis caused by climate change, could benefit from Israel’s experience in drinking water management, seawater desalination, and irrigation since the country has invested in research and innovation to find solutions to problems related to its geographical location and the nature of its arid soils.

For his part, the president of the Middle East Institute, Paul Salem, estimated that the fertilizer reserves available to Morocco are “just as important as oil and gas”. Thanks to this, he said, Morocco will have to play a “crucial” regional role in the coming years in a context of global food insecurity returning to multiple health crises and wars in the world.

The Abraham Accords, which have made it possible to see cooperation in the Middle East region in a more pragmatic light with the objectives of lasting peace and mutual development, are added in the case of Morocco to cultural, human, religious, deep with Israel, which has the second largest population of Israelis of Moroccan origin.

In addition, the bilateral cooperation between the two countries continues to create multifaceted opportunities in the private sector where business trips are now organized every week in both directions to explore opportunities and strengthen economic, social and cultural ties.

“The potential is enormous with tourism which has already started with direct lines, food security and the possibility for Morocco to face water stress by relying on the expertise of Israel which has developed exceptionally advanced technology. “, underlined Assia Bensalah Alaoui, itinerant ambassador.

“We can launch a great cooperation if it is directed to the appropriate production areas,” she added.

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