Morocco Foodex to conquer the British market

The independent establishment of control and coordination of exports “Morocco Foodex” organized, Friday in London, a promotional action for the British market.

Held around the theme “Morocco, Kingdom of Taste”, this event made it possible to present the potential of the Moroccan offer and to underline its geographical proximity and its ability to react to British demand.

The director of Morocco Foodex, Ghita El Ghorfi, thus highlighted the growing figures of Moroccan exports which today exceed 3.5 million tonnes, of which 2.2 million are made up of fruits and vegetables, 800,000 tonnes of fish products and some 550,000 tonnes of processed agricultural products.

More than 281,000 tons were exported to the British market in 2021, detailed Ms. El Ghorfi, specifying that until the end of October 2022, exports from Morocco to the United Kingdom increased by 11% compared to the same month of last year. For his part, the president of the British Chamber of Commerce in Morocco, Stephen Orr, pointed out that “there are great possibilities for complementarity” between Morocco and the United Kingdom, particularly in the agricultural field where transfers of technologies can be realized on both sides. While emphasizing the extent of Moroccan investments in renewable energies which, according to him, will contribute to further developing the industrial sector, Mr. Orr noted that the new port, which should be built in Dakhla, will contribute to further increase the trade between the two countries.

He also praised Morocco’s political stability, which makes it possible to conclude long-term contracts with confidence.

For his part, the representative of the Moroccan Embassy in the United Kingdom, Mouad Ibriz, indicated that since the signing of the post-Brexit association agreement on October 26, 2019, trade in goods and services between two countries has only increased, specifying that an increase of 59.2%, for an amount of approximately 2.3 billion pounds sterling, was recorded between 2021 and 2022. This agreement therefore creates a new dynamic and has a positive impact on consumer choice, prices and ultimately economic growth and well-being, Ibriz stressed, noting that these are tangible gains, in terms of exports, economic activity and jobs. In addition, Morocco’s agri-food production complies with international standards, making it a reliable partner capable of supplying the United Kingdom with many more agricultural products, he continued, recalling that fruit and vegetables represent 36, 6% of UK imports from Morocco in 2021.

“These business results give us the confidence to set more ambitious goals,” said Mr. Ibriz.

Organized for the benefit of Moroccan companies producing and exporting red fruits, olive oil, table olives and fishing products, this event was an opportunity to highlight the attractions of Morocco in terms of the quality of products of Moroccan origin, the regularity and production capacity, flexibility, compliance with ecological standards and control of the production schedule. Through B2B meetings with UK operators, it offered Moroccan producers and exporters new opportunities to increase the volume, diversity and value of their exports to the UK, while allowing them to better understand the needs of the English market.

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