Morocco does not vote for a resolution against Russia

The UN General Assembly this week adopted a non-binding resolution calling for the establishment of a compensation fund and a reparation mechanism by Russia to deal with the consequences of the military operation in Ukraine. The text was voted on by 94 member countries of the United Nations. Morocco did not participate in the vote.

The resolution titled “Aggression against Ukraine: remedy and reparation”, carried by Ukraine, the Netherlands, Canada and Guatemala, had the support of 94 votes while 14 countries voted against, including the Russia, China, Cuba, Mali and Ethiopia and 73 abstained like Brazil, Israel and India.

It consists in Russia being “held liable for any violationof international law and the United Nations Charter in Ukraine, and that it “assumes the legal consequences of all its illegal acts at the international level, in particular by repairing the damagewhether at the material or human level, while cooperating with Ukraine to establish “an international damage register to list (…) evidence and information relating to compensation claims» natural and legal persons.

In this regard, Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN Sergiy Kyslytsya, told the General Assembly that “Ukraine will have the heavy task of rebuilding the country and recovering after the war. But this recovery will never be complete without a sense of justice for the victims of war. “.

Morocco, for its part, did not take part in the vote and this is not the first time that it refrains from doing so to express its neutrality and its distance in this conflict.

The Kingdom had adopted the same approach during the condemnation of the Russian military intervention by the General Assembly in March and in April, during a vote for the suspension of Russia from the Human Rights Council of the UN.

In total, he was absent from three votes on resolutions by the United Nations General Assembly, on March 2 and 24 and April 7,

The kingdom, however, voted in favor of condemning the annexation of Ukrainian provinces by Russia last month alongside 142 countries, which goes in the spirit of the values ​​defended by Morocco and the entire international community. .

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