Morocco buys missiles from China

Morocco is negotiating with the Chinese defense company Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), the purchase of sophisticated armaments.

Indeed, the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) are interested in Chinese-made precision-guided missiles and bombs (long-range weapons) as well as Wing Loong 1 and Wing Loong 2 drones, “wandering” winged craft, commonly referred to as suicide drones.

Tactical Report who is at the origin of this information, indicates that Morocco is a regular customer of Chinese defense equipment. In fact, the Kingdom last year opened its first military base dedicated to long-range air defense with the acquisition of a batch of China’s long-range air defense system (FD-2000B) which cause damage important.

However, the Asian giant is not the only power with which Morocco has military and defense agreements. Rabat has actually acquired modern systems from countries such as the United States, France, Turkey and Israel. From the latter, it acquired in 2021 Skylock Dome System, a monitoring and control equipment. Morocco and Israel have also made progress in military intelligence cooperation.

But 2021 was a pivotal year for the FAR’s procurement list, which included 1,000 anti-tank launchers and missiles, T-72M main battle tanks and ammunition for its brand new Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, according to the Turkish Conventional Arms Register. United Nations. These acquisitions are part of Rabat’s efforts to modernize its armies, land, sea and air.

This enters into the geostrategic and political context in this part of the globe with the sole concern of defending the territorial integrity of the country and strengthening its resilience in the face of transnational threats which are numerous in the region. Moreover, in this regard, Morocco has increased its military spending, acquiring more and more sophisticated equipment and has multiplied military exercises with partners such as the United States, France, India, Spain…

Morocco, which figures as the safest African country, sixth MENA and among the 30 nations of the world as such, increased its military expenditure from 3.3% of GDP in the decade 2002-2011 to 3.4% of the GDP for the next one. They were carried out intelligently because with regard to the international ranking in terms of military power of Morocco, the “Global Firepower” Institute, positions it at 56th rank globally out of 142 countries.

At the end of 2021, Morocco was on the list of the 40 largest importers of military equipment in the world, according to a ranking by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The United States comes in this case in first position as the main supplier of arms of the Kingdom, 90% of the armament of the FAR weapons come from Uncle Sam. France occupies the second place with 9.2% of arms exported to Rabat, while the United Kingdom imports 0.3%, leaving crumbs to Spain, Germany, Turkey or Belgium, which only supply it with ammunition or light weapons.

It is not yet known the classification of Israel in the affair which never gave information on the subject but the Hebrew State should come to shake up the podium as for that. SIPRI also notes that US military deliveries to Morocco in 2020 included 24 combat aircraft and 24 helicopter gunships. But since a lot of heavy has come to reinforce the various Defense systems of the FAR.

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