Morocco and the Emirates embark on the implementation of the police training and exchange of experiences program

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) and the General Directorate of National Territory Surveillance (DGST), in partnership with the General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police in the United Arab Emirates, launched on Monday the implementation the first stages of the bilateral cooperation program in the areas of police training and the exchange of experience and expertise in a series of security areas of common interest.

In this sense, the framework of cooperation between the security services of the Kingdom of Morocco and their counterparts in Abu Dhabi includes the implementation of a program of exchange of visits between the security executives of the two parties, with the aim of to learn closely about the experiences and expertise in various fields and police specializations, specifies a press release from the DGSN.

It also involves the implementation of joint cycles of continuing specialized training in the areas of security related to the fight against crime, the maintenance of public order and the enhancement of the role of science and new technologies in the police field.

The program also includes the organization of specialized intelligence training courses, provided by the DGST for the benefit of Abu Dhabi security executives. The purpose of this training is to inquire and benefit from the recognized Moroccan experience in the field of the fight against terrorist organizations and cross-border crime.

In view of this partnership, the Royal Institute of Police will host, from this Monday, and for a period of two months, a cycle of theoretical training specialized in the field of the judicial police and the fight against crime, for the benefit of a group of senior staff from the Abu Dhabi Police Command.

As part of the implementation of this partnership, the statement added, the Royal Institute of Police is hosting, from Monday and for a period of two months, a theoretical training session specializing in the field of judicial police and the fight against crime, for the benefit of senior executives under the Abu Dhabi police command, under the supervision of Moroccan security executives.

This session will be followed by a period of applied training within centralized and decentralized services under the National Security, in particular the National Judicial Police Brigade (BNPJ), the Scientific and Technical Police Laboratory and the Prefectural Police Service. Court of Casablanca.

The realization of this partnership program comes in application of the implementation of the decisions resulting from the meeting which brought together the Director General of National Security and Territorial Surveillance with the Commander-in-Chief of the Abu Dhabi Police, on the sidelines of his working visit to the Kingdom of Morocco on October 07, 2022.

It also reflects a common desire to strengthen Moroccan-Emirati cooperation in various security areas, the aim being to guarantee the strengthening of the security of the two countries and the safety of their citizens,

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