Morocco, America and the World!

During the long American election night, chills of multiple intensities swept the planet. Because America is a great acting power, the fate of many regional crises was in the hands of the voters. The classic duel Republicans against Democrats resumed with a vengeance. Joe Biden was playing the end of his mandate, Donald trump his possible comeback.

Certain regions and certain crises were going to be strongly influenced by this midterm electoral consultation. The war between Russia and Ukraine is part of this panel. Democrat Joe Biden and his administration have thrown their weight behind trying to break the Russian war machine in Ukraine.

From the point of view of American doctrine, Ukraine would be Vladimir Putin’s Soviet Afghanistan. With mixed success so far. Undoubtedly a great impasse, at least a certain hesitation on the direction to follow.

An electoral performance by the Republicans, at whatever level, would call into question these war choices at all costs and this massive American financing of this confrontation and would accelerate the establishment of the conditions for a negotiated solution between Putin and Zelensky.

With this question that crosses both American and European opinions: How is it that to find millions, even billions to help Ukraine militarily, a magic wand is enough to protect the citizen from soaring prices, to have effective public services, it is like a Way of the Cross paved with all the insurmountable barriers.

Another crisis likely to be impacted by this election is the negotiation with Iran over its nuclear activities. Already with a relative grip on the American legislature, Joe Biden found it difficult to validate the deal the Europeans negotiated for him with Iran, whereas now, with Republicans emboldened by these victories and the enormous uncertainties that weigh, Iran will once again become in their eyes and in those of American diplomacy, the power to be contained, even the rogue state to be brought down.

This vision perfectly embraced the fears long expressed by the Gulf countries and Israel, which perceive Iranian expansionism in the region as a mortal threat to their security. With the Republicans, clarification was in order even if it had a price, with the Democrats, chiaroscuro and uncertainty go hand in hand when it comes to dealing with the Iranian challenge.

The bet on a compromise with Iran mobilized all energies, aroused all hopes. Because Iran is militarily involved in all the crises in the region, the support for the Syrian Bashar el Assad, the blocking of politics and the economy in Lebanon, the manipulation of the political and community game in Iraq, the aid the Houthi rebellion in Yemen and the arming of Polisario separatists in Morocco with drones and trainers.

Morocco is one of the rare countries which has nothing to fear from the possible change of majority in Congress or even from the possible change of the tenant of the White House. It is under republican impulse that the Kingdom of Morocco was able to weave this strategic alliance which was crowned by the American recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Saharan provinces. And even when America experienced political change with the arrival of Joe Biden, the American Democratic administration supported the choices of the Republicans on the Sahara.

Morocco has this particularity which makes its strength and the intelligence of its approaches: It has channels of communication and influence both among the democrats who occupy the White House and among the Republicans who control the congress, a place where and validate most of the great choices of American foreign policy.

Democrats and Republicans, on the other hand, have put the Algerian regime in their reproachful sights, which they accuse, with supporting evidence, of financing Moscow’s war machine through compulsive purchases of Russian arsenals and of practicing gas blackmail. and illegal immigration to European countries, American allies in their war against Vladimir Putin.

Morocco is reaping today the fruit of the relevance of the diplomatic choices which have had to win solid allies like the United States of America without giving it active and declared animosity among the other powers which may feel themselves in direct competition with the White House, like Russia or China.

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