Moroccan automotive industry breaks new export record

The Moroccan automotive sector broke a new record in terms of vehicle exports this year, thus forecasting the achievement of a turnover that should reach 100 billion dirhams by the end of 2022. announced on Tuesday the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour.

During the weekly session of oral questions held this Tuesday, November 22 in the House of Councillors, Ryad Mezzour revealed that the main objectives of the national automobile strategy aim on the one hand to achieve a production capacity of one million cars by 2025 instead of 700,000 cars, such is the current capacity of the industry, specifying that the Stellantis group is working to increase the production volume of the Peugeot factory to 250,000 additional cars.

According to the minister, the production capacity will rise to a total of 970,000 cars by 2025 thanks to the 20,000 electric cars that the Renault Tangier group has previously announced, and the project to build the factories, which means that they will be come even closer to the goal.

Mezzour, on the other hand, noted that 64% of auto parts are made in Morocco and added that this rate should reach 69% by the end of the current year, noting that the government’s objective is to bring the integration rate to 80%. The Kingdom aspires to become one of the most competitive platforms in the field of automotive industry internationally, he said, indicating that if the same pace is maintained, this ambition will be realized quickly. , since Morocco has been able, in just 3 years, to achieve remarkable results.

One of the key objectives of this strategy is to eliminate carbon from the industry, the minister said, adding that the government is currently working on it, so that all car manufacturers in Morocco can benefit from clean electric energy. at a cost that is 30% lower than what is offered today, knowing that the price of electricity has doubled, more than four times due to the high cost of fuel and yet, the Moroccan government has succeeded in maintaining the same price, both for families and for industrialists.

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