More than 5,000 classes open in 2022

In the Morocco of 2022, our students still suffer from the problem of overcrowding in the classrooms, especially in preschool. In a document from the Court of Auditors, on the AREFs (regional education and training academies), the maximum authorized threshold in pre-school classes is 30 children, in accordance with article 8 of the specifications of the AREF. Today, pre-school classes, and other levels for that matter, greatly exceed this threshold.

In the House of Representatives, the Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, was challenged on this subject by the parliamentary group of the Justice and Development Party (PJD).

According to the Minister, this phenomenon is linked to the balance between supply and demand for schooling. ” This overcrowding is sometimes caused by medium-term planning data related to the number of students expected, the school map, infrastructure and the distribution of human resources. he explained, noting that work is underway to improve the planning process.

Still on the same issue of congestion in public schools, Benmoussa argued that this is sometimes explained by economic factors linked to the start of the school year due to the movement of transfers, the success rate of students and registration. of some teachers in classes.

In this regard, he stressed the need to adopt local solutions to solve this problem by giving ourselves room for maneuver at local and regional levels.

On the other hand, the Minister noted that the current school season (2022/23) has seen the opening of 5,000 new classes and 15,000 jobs, while for the next year 20,000 jobs will be opened. The aim is to reduce the rate of overcrowding, he said, believing that ” the results are improving year after year“.

In response to another question on the status of educational establishments which is struggling to see the light of day, raised by the group of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), Benmoussa attributed the ” stumble » of certain projects to a certain number of factors, in particular the difficulties linked to the process of acquiring land intended for schools or obtaining authorizations, ” what we try to overcome by adopting a policy of being proactive and planning ahead“, he indicated.

Other factors were also mentioned by the Minister, in particular those related to contracting companies which may encounter problems or suffer from low capacities, which prevents the conclusion of transactions on time, or factors related to the repercussions of the Covid -19 which affected certain contracts which could not be concluded due to the increase in the prices of certain construction materials. Sometimes even transactions were canceled and new transactions were announced again, he said.

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