MJ: Employment at the heart of advanced regionalization

In a bid to optimize human resources and improve performance, the Ministry of Interior is preparing to launch job offers for engineers and technicians to work in regional and prefectural councils.

The Ministry of the Interior has called on governors and regional officials to organize joint competitions for employment in the councils concerned in order to be able to boost their performance and meet the needs in terms of human resources. This initiative is part of the objectives of advanced regionalization aimed at ensuring the necessary skills contributing to the development of each region.

The ministry’s decision concerns in particular civil and rural engineers, construction technicians, the media, maintenance, networks and electricity, drivers of vehicles and construction machinery, mechanics and automobiles…

The recruitment competitions are planned to be organized independently in each of the regions from December 10 for the written tests, while the date of the oral tests is set for January 2, 2023.

In this sense, the Minister of the Interior asked the heads of prefectures and heads of regional councils to determine the needs of the municipalities they lead in terms of employment and positions to be filled, before the date of November 16, which will be retained as the date of publication of the procedures and announcements of competitions on the public employment portal and the national portal of local authorities.

However, the commissions responsible for organizing joint competitions at the level of each region will include a general secretary for employment or of the region, in his capacity as president, heads of prefectures and provincial councils as members. The supervisory committees will be responsible for monitoring the various procedures and processes linked to the organization of the competitions and will have the task of defining the disciplines and skills required, defining the examination centers and the places where applications are received, and distribution of winners among the councils concerned.

The competition committees will take into consideration several aspects such as the standards of integrity, independence, competence, impartiality and professional experience in the fields related to the required specializations.

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