Mechanisms will be put in place for normal production

At the end of the press conference of the Government Council held this Thursday, the question on the crisis in the dairy industry in Morocco was once again raised by journalists.

Asked about the crisis in the litter industry in Morocco, and whose self-consumption represents between 10 to 15% of the industry’s overall production, the government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas first recalled the context and then the measures taken by the Executive.

“The government does not manage public affairs in an easy framework. Where we put our hands, there are complex issues. So the management of priorities must be done in a logical way, in particular with regard to the support granted, and at the same time, preserve”, he pointed out.

To answer the journalists’ question, the Minister explained that the low milk production is linked to a seasonal crisis.

The previous year was one of the most difficult years for the sector. And yet, and because we have an agricultural system on which we have worked and invested for years, we have been able to supply a significant quantity of products to the country and maintain a certain level with regard to exports despite the crisis of water“, he explained.

Regarding the measures taken, Baitas explained that the government is working on this file and that there are several solutions that are being discussed.

We have passed the discussion phase with the professionals of the milk sector. Today we are in the process of putting the final touches to launch the mechanisms that will allow this material to be produced in a normal way.“, he concluded on this point.

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