Marrakech hosts the 1st edition of the English Book Festival

A first edition of the Marrakech English Book Festival has just been launched, to promote and encourage the use of the English language in Morocco.

Initiated by the Marrakech English Book Festival Association, in partnership with the British Academic School in Marrakech, the British Embassy in Morocco, Cadi Ayyad University (UCA) and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P ), this festival which will continue until November 27, and will host the Association of British Businessmen in Morocco and the Moroccan-British Association.

This festival is intended for intellectuals, thinkers and men of letters of English expression, it is part of the wake of the in-depth changes that have occurred by globalization on a planetary scale, capable of allowing the English language to impose itself. , henceforth, as a true language of knowledge, learning and scientific research, the organizers indicated.

Their objective behind the organization of this cultural event is to encourage the import, publication and distribution of works in English in the Kingdom, while contributing to the promotion of Marrakech as an international destination for cultural tourism.

It also aims to help and encourage Moroccan authors to write and publish in English, while offering professionals and men of letters in Morocco an appropriate space for communication, exchange, and establishment of cultural and educational links between Great Britain and Morocco.

The festival will know the participation of Moroccan men of letters who use the English language in their writing or whose works and publications have had the great merit of being translated into English, such as Amina Hachimi Alaoui. Mahi Binebine, Houda El Fechtali, Yassin Adnan, Saeida Rouass.

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