Mali bans French-funded NGO activities

The divorce is consummated between Mali and France! After the expulsion of the French ambassador in Mali, the suspension by Paris of development aid, it is Bamako which announces the prohibition of the activities of NGOs financed by France.

The Malian transitional authorities announced on Monday evening the prohibition of the activities of all non-governmental organizations financed or supported by France, including those operating in the humanitarian field.

The interim Prime Minister, Colonel Abdoulaye Maïga, justified this decision, in a press release posted on social networks, by the recent announcement by France that it had suspended its official development aid to Mali.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs had invoked the use of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner by the Malian authorities as the reason.

In his press release, Colonel Maïga denounces “fanciful allegations” and a “subterfuge intended to deceive and manipulate national and international public opinion for the purpose of destabilizing and isolating Mali”.

“Consequently, the transitional government decides to prohibit, with immediate effect, all activities carried out by NGOs operating in Mali with funding or with material or technical support from France, including in the humanitarian field”, he points out.

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