Local authorities Abdelouafi Laftit dismisses 18 commune presidents

Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit is determined to pursue the effective implementation of the legal texts relating to the management of the interests of the local authority. Indeed we remember last August, the General Inspectorate under the Ministry of the Interior had drawn up damning reports on the management of urban upgrading programs, pointing the finger at several presidents of municipalities.

A circular asking walis and governors to trigger the dismissal procedure against any president having private interest relations with his commune was then distributed. Today, we are taking action since the ministry dismissed 18 of them by triggering the dismissal procedure against the elected officials in question.

Indeed, the report on the achievements of the Ministry of the Interior for the year 2022, revealed the dismissal of a number of elected officials for inconsistency and conflict of interest. Some of these decisions also relate to municipal management, many of those concerned being resident outside the country.

Thus, and in accordance with the requirements of Article 69 of Organic Law No. 113.14 relating to local authorities, a decision was taken by the Minister of the Interior to dismiss a vice-president from office after it had been proven that he resided outside the country.

Also according to the report, the General Directorate has received reports from walis and governors on the existence of facts concerning certain members of the councils of local authorities. The document further notes that after studying these reports, draft decisions have been prepared for the Minister of the Interior for the validation of measures to dismiss elected officials present in the event of incompatibility from the first term or the presidency to which they were elected.

55 people were thus dismissed, including 18 presidents of territorial municipalities, 30 vice-presidents and 7 members of professional chambers.

The Ministry of the Interior has also initiated the dismissal procedure against a number of members of the Councils of local authorities for having committed acts in violation of the law and regulations in force. It is also indicated that until September 2022 and in coordination with the Judicial Agency of the Kingdom (AJR), the competent administrative courts, issued decisions dismissing members from their assignment to the Councils of two local authorities, while 30 cases are still pending before the competent administrative courts.

The report further revealed that the number of local elected officials before the courts until September 2022 amounted to 39, including 17 presidents, 6 vice-presidents, 7 deputies and 9 former presidents. During the 2022 financial year, the General Management also received 60 complaints from certain members of the Councils of local authorities, citizens’ associations and civil society, related to violations committed in the financial, administrative and construction, and some elected groups have linked these special interests to their Communes.

The report of the Ministry of the Interior for the year 2022 indicates that some of these complaints were transmitted to the General Inspectorate of Territorial Administration, as well as to the walis and governors of the regions concerned and to the agents of the prefectures and the regions, to ensure the veracity and authenticity of the content. Reports will eventually be provided to the Ministry, which will take the necessary legal measures, if necessary.

In addition, the report did not obscure the requests of the legal adviser of the General Directorate of walis and governors regarding the administrative control of elected officials. Among these, 10 relate to conflicts of interest, 8 to the procedure for dismissal of elected officials and one complaint relates to the loss of eligibility. The Directorate General also received two requests for advice concerning residence outside the country, and another concerning the dissolution of territorial communal councils, as well as two requests concerning real estate, and 3 relating to finance and administration.

It is as if the control by the sovereign department remains in place especially for any relationship of private interest during the mandate of the elected member, since the offense remains as long as he is part of the council of the community. local.

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