Literature: Le Goncourt 2022 to Brigitte Giraud for "Vivre Vite"

The French Brigitte Giraud won the Goncourt 2022 prize for her novel “Vivre vite”, published by Flammarion, the Academy announced on Thursday, awarding the most prestigious of French literary prizes.

The “intimate and poignant” novel looks back on the chain of events that led to the death of her husband in a motorcycle accident in 1999.

Brigitte Giraud (60) thus becomes the 13th woman in 120 years to have received the Goncourt prize, said Paule Constant, writer and member of the Academy, announcing the name of this year’s winner.

Three other authors were finalists for the oldest French literary prize, which since 1903 has rewarded “the best imaginative work in prose, published in the year” and written by a French-speaking author.

These were the Italian-Swiss author Giuliano da Empoli for his novel “The Mage of the Kremlin” (Gallimard), CloĆ© Korman for “The Almost Sisters” (Seuil), and the poet and novelist Makenzy Orcel for his novel “ A human sum”.

The Goncourt was won in 2021 by the Senegalese Mohamed Mbougar Sarr for his novel “The most secret memory of men” (Philippe Rey).

In addition, the Renaudot prize was awarded to French journalist and writer Simon Liberati for “Performance”, which tells the story of a septuagenarian writer who reconnects with the sacred fire by writing a screenplay on the Rolling Stones, and has a relationship with a woman almost 50 years younger than him.

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