Joe Biden welcomes respect for democracy

US President Joe Biden welcomed Wednesday a “good day for democracy” in the aftermath of the midterm elections where the main issues for the Democrats were not to lose control of the Senate and the main bastion of New York.

Despite the significant advance of Donald Trump’s Republicans, who serve as a sanction vote for Joe Biden’s mixed record for the presidency, the Democrats were delighted not to be “too lost”.

“We had an election yesterday. And it was a good day, I think, for democracy,” said the Democratic president during a press conference at the White House, welcoming a ballot that took place “apparently without interference”, contrary to what his Republican rival said the day before saying that several people had difficulty voting by mail.

“While the press and experts predicted a giant red wave, it did not happen,” he added, referring to the expression used by Donald Trump who bet a lot during this mid- mandate.

Recognizing the “frustration” of many voters with inflation, Joe Biden also announced his intention to run for a second election in two years.

The Democratic president, whose government will have difficulty getting certain texts and projects passed in the lower house of Congress, said he was “ready to work with the Republican opposition”, claiming to be open to all “good ideas”.

The final results are still not known for the moment and the American media do not yet venture to put forward figures on the future distribution of the seats of the two chambers, and especially the lower chamber.

The majority of seats in the House of Representatives where Republicans are likely to have a majority is set at 218 seats out of 435.

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