INO successfully performs its 2nd liver transplant from a living donor

The National Institute of Oncology (INO) under the Ibn Sina University Hospital Center in Rabat has announced that it has successfully carried out its second liver transplant from a living related donor.

A press release from the Institute specifies that this intervention, carried out at the end of September, enabled a 42-year-old patient suffering from terminal cirrhosis to receive part of the liver from her 22-year-old daughter.

A first transplant from a living donor was successfully carried out by the same team last March, thanks to the donation of a son for his mother suffering from end-stage cirrhosis, recalls the same source, stressing that the two ” recipient-donor couples are doing well and are regularly monitored by the Institute’s medical-surgical and nursing team.

This activity of liver transplantation from a living donor is part of a multidisciplinary expertise transfer program between the Hepatobiliary Center of the French Hospital Paul Brousse (Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris) and the CHU Ibn Sina in Rabat.

The Institute indicates that many related recipient-donor “couples” referred from different regions of the Kingdom are being evaluated by specialized INO teams, adding that a third intervention, then others, will be scheduled for from January 2023.

He recalls that the use of living donation offers a chance of access to liver transplantation to patients with chronic or acute liver failure in a context of shortage of organ donation from deceased persons in Morocco.

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