Inhofe “out“ of the American Senate, big loss for the lobbying of Algiers

US Senator James M. Inhofe, who has long been a source of concern for the Kingdom’s diplomacy and foreign interests, is now in a few corners of the garage of an undeserved retirement and especially far from the business of the Congress of the United States. United.

He did not represent himself at his own estate and it was Markwayne Mullin, the first politician of Native American origin in nearly a century, who was elected Senator from Oklahoma. Indeed, to do this, the latter largely won the election against the Democratic candidate Kendra Horn. Close to former President Donald Trump, Mullin argues, like the latter, that the 2020 presidential elections were stolen from the Republican candidate and therefore all of Donald Trump’s past politics.

Mullin therefore succeeds good old Jim Inhofe, who also held the presidency of the Committee on Defense and the Armed Forces of the United States Senate, a post which he will no longer covet, since he has not represented in the senatorial elections, to the chagrin of Algeria. It is that the now retired Inhofe “belonged” to the firm Keene Consulting, belonging to David Keene, Republican senator and ex-boss of the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA), a powerful lobby of arms carriers, in particular with the American Congress . In the Senate, David Keene relied on Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe for his status to pass laws.

Keene is a good client of the capos of Algiers and for good reason, he has already had a lobbying activity in their favor in order to sabotage the diplomatic successes of Morocco and especially to bring down the American decision to recognize the Moroccanity of the Sahara. A waste of time, one might say, because the snake is well and truly swallowed, no offense to the two senile Muppet show made in Algeria. Needless to say, Keene is close to John Bolton, his former colleague at the NRA, who had been an adviser to former US President Donald Trump before getting fired like a slob.

Bolton is known to support Algiers and his toddler by advocating the holding of the self-determination referendum. He had even participated in the elaboration of the plan of James Baker II in 2003. We could add to this fine world the two former personal envoys of the UN SG for the Sahara James Baker, and this dear Christopher Ross, who enters two hangovers and a moment of lucidity make him fit to pocket his pension in petrodollars from Algiers. That being said, Markwayne Mullin is expected to complete the remainder of Inhofe’s six-year term with the mission of “maintaining the same trend, especially with regard to American defense and military plans”.

Inhofe, who has signified his retirement from business to spend more time with his wife, had said of his successor just two years after his re-election in 2020. “Mullin and I have issues,” he added in a statement. interview with “The Frontier” in his office in Washington, DC. Inhofe said the only two things Congress is supposed to control are defense and infrastructure. For his part Mullin had said that if elected, he would earnestly carry on Inhofe’s legacy but also serve on the Armed Services Committee to ensure a strong national defense.

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former US President Donald Trump and his all-time top adviser, made reference in his recent book “Breaking History” to Republican Senator Inhofe, who is one of the biggest opponents of the territorial integrity of Morocco and was an inveterate supporter of the Polisario separatists. “Americans have chosen to reject Joe Biden’s policies of extreme socialism and have chosen a conservative agenda to get America back on track,” Markwayne Mullin said after his victory as President. senator from Oklahoma.

This year, 35 of the 100 seats in the US Senate were to be filled, including this election in this state, which was qualified as special (resignation of Jim M. Inhofe). For the time being, the “hi-han” Democratic Party, which has mourned the House of Representatives, holds an effective majority in the Senate. Among the seats to be filled, the Democrats hold 14 and the Republicans 21. Nothing is therefore decided yet before the final results, at least for the senators.

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