Inauguration of the Dar Maalma Showroom

After a period of strong resilience dictated by the pandemic, the craftswomen are resuming their motivated activities more than ever to catch up with the forced stoppage of these two years.

Thus the Network of Moroccan craftswomen, REFAM Dar-Maalma, and the magazine are organizing a double event to relaunch this dynamic. This is the inauguration of the new training center / Showroom Dar Maalma as well as the organization of the Peace Table ” Nissae Magrebiate“, on November 12, 2022 at the Dar Maalma center in Guéliz, Marrakech.

In a press release, the organizers explain that the Center for Capacity Building / Showroom Dar Maalma aims essentially to supervise women artisans so that they can build their capacities to better market their products.

Regarding the Peace Table Nissae Marakchiatesit takes place the same day in the city of Marrakech in partnership with many actors of the ocher city, in particular elected officials, politicians and civil society.

It is part of a global project that affects several cities, namely ” Nissae Maghrebiates “. The latter comes in many Peace Tables which each bear the name of the city where the meeting takes place.

Each Peace Table brings together politicians, representatives of the city council, the presidents and representatives of the three boroughs, the provincial council, the actors of society (women’s and youth associations, neighborhood associations, local sports clubs) , the ministerial delegations of the prefecture (health, education, interior, representatives of the media, artists, sportsmen, etc.).

All these people meet in conclave to reflect and develop resolutions that will be broken down into a strategy and concrete actions to be carried out over the next three years, in order to make women’s rights a social construct and a daily behavior.

It is a question of capitalizing on the various achievements of the legal arsenal of Morocco to promote the rights of women by sensitizing elected officials and citizens to the need for their respect, especially after the speech of King Mohamed VI during the feast of the throne. , which has shown, and unequivocally, the place that women should occupy in our country “, specifies Fawzia Talout Meknassi, director of the publication of the journal ” Magfarah ” initiator of the project and president of the Network of Moroccan craftswomen – Refam Dar Maalma.

And Meknassi to add:More concretely, it is a question of sensitizing politicians and decision-makers to the situation of thousands of women in their city and encouraging them to carry out awareness-raising actions, training and cultural activities to strengthen the culture of respect for women’s rights. The planned action would affect different components of society and would be based on many tools, including digital. Each Peace Table aims to carry out structuring and evolving work around the notions of human rights and women’s rights, a fundamental component of human rights and democracy. The project is part of the project “Baraka: Chabab against violence “.

It should be noted that the project is co-financed by the European Union and implemented by Oxfam in Morocco, the Federation of Women’s Rights Leagues Marrakech – Safi and the Gorara Association for Arts and Cultures.

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