In the United States, the Democrats have a seat to keep the Senate

In the United States, the Democrats have a seat to keep the Senate

Joe Biden seemed able on Saturday to retain control of the Senate and Republicans to strip him of a majority in the House of Representatives. But all eyes were already on 2024 with the likely announcement on Tuesday of Donald Trump’s candidacy for the White House.

Incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly’s victory announced Friday in Arizona means the Senate is currently tied 49-49, with two seats remaining to be decided, in Nevada and Georgia, four days after the US midterm elections. that the Democrats win one to keep control of the upper house, since they will be able to use the vote of Vice-President Kamala Harris to decide the ties, as provided for in the Constitution.

In his victory speech, astronaut Mark Kelly on Saturday called on his opponent to turn the page. “We have seen what happens when leaders refuse to accept the truth and focus on conspiratorial theories of the past rather than solving the challenges we face today,” he added.

His opponent Blake Masters, who had received strong support from Donald Trump, has still not conceded defeat.

Stung by this setback in Arizona, which adds to other failures of his foals, the former president once again shouted “electoral fraud” refusing to admit the verdict of the polls, as he has done since his defeat. in the 2020 presidential election.

” Disappointed “

On the side of the House of Representatives, the Republicans seemed poised to regain the majority of seats, which will complicate the continuation of President Joe Biden’s term.

But their victory promises to be much shorter than announced. The NBC News channel projected a frail majority of five seats for the Republicans on Saturday morning with 220 elected against 215 for the Democrats.

Nearly 20 polls have still not given their verdict, however, mainly in California.

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