Helios invests in two data centers in Morocco and Kenya

Leading Africa-focused private investment firm, Helios Investment Partners, has just announced the signing of two agreements aimed at the development of digital infrastructure platforms in Africa, in addition to the acquisition of majority stakes in the company Moroccan company Maroc Datacenter (MDC), and Kenyan company IXAfrica Data Center Limited.

In a recent statement, African corporate debt and equity finance firm, Helios Investment Partners, disclosed that it has sign “two historic investments in digital infrastructure” and announced “the acquisition of majority stakes in Maroc Datacenter, a neutral data center in Morocco, and in IXAfrica Data Center Limited, one of the leading developers and operators of hyper-scale ready data centers in Kenya”.

Helios thus made it known that the Moroccan company CDM “ensured 100% uptime, providing mission-critical colocation and cloud services for its growing customer base of premier public and private institutions”, specifying that “this high-quality facility will serve as a key element in a larger Helios hyperscale data center (DC) platform in the metropolitan areas of Rabat and Casablanca, serving hyperscale global customers, national enterprises and operators”.

The investment company stated in particular that its choice is based on the fact that “Morocco benefits from a highly skilled workforce and a large number of addressable businesses for digital connectivity. These factors, together with a relatively stable macroeconomic environment and favorable regulatory and data sovereignty regimes, make it an attractive destination for cloud deployment.”.

For Helios, MDC and IXAfrica are well positioned to play a pivotal role in the digital transformation of Morocco and Kenya, respectively, and will benefit from Helios’ expertise in building world-class, fast-growing, multi-country platforms. with high impact in Africa”.

The company also announced that the expert co-founder of IXAfrica and the world-renowned entrepreneur, Guy Willner, will join the company’s investment team in December, in his position as Managing Director of Digital Infrastructure, to demonstrate the importance of the digital infrastructure investment opportunity and its commitment as a leader in the sector.

The next phase of the continent’s telecommunications transformation offers new and significant opportunities in digital infrastructure. The growth of data consumption in Africa is one of the fastest in the world, driven by demand from a young, growing, digitally native population, as well as a strong and accelerating trend towards adoption of cloud and digital technologies within private companies and the public sector“, she adds in her press release.

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