Fouzi Lekjaa reassures about maintaining the gas, sugar and flour subsidy

There will be no abolition of state subsidies for gas, sugar and flour in 2023. It was the Deputy Minister in charge of the Budget, Fouzi Lekjaa, who affirmed this, thus ending a series of rumours.

Reacting to rumors that the government intended to remove subsidies for basic necessities in the 2023 finance bill (PLF), Fouzi Lekjaa spoke to the deputies of the First Chamber on Monday to clarify the situation.

He thus affirmed that the State will maintain its subsidy for basic necessities through the compensation fund.

“The 2023 finance bill allocates 26 billion dirhams for compensation expenses and this amount is more than enough to subsidize all of these products (of basic necessities) throughout the year 2023”, clarified Fouzi. Lekjaa.

The subject is sensitive for many Moroccans, especially for butane gas since the gas cylinder sold at 40 dirhams should cost 120 dirhams without state subsidy. Its price will remain the same, assured the Minister Delegate.

“The usual compensation expenses, concerning butane gas, subsidized sugar and flour, which are mobilized within the framework of the PLF 2023, are sufficient compared to price forecasts on the international market”, added Lekjaa, excluding any increase in prices. prices for citizens during 2023 despite possible increases in the cost of these products on international markets.

In the same logic, he indicated that the government will put in place “exceptional measures” to increase compensation expenditure in the event of a significant increase in prices on international markets.

During this year, the government has planned 25 billion to subsidize basic products and 15 billion exceptional to deal with the rise in prices on the international market, indicated the minister delegate who specified that 10 billion were allocated to import of cereals and 5 billion were granted in aid to transporters.

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