Former African Prime Ministers and Ministers call for the exclusion of the Polisario from the African Union

Several Former African Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers, called on Friday for the expulsion of the self-proclaimed SADR (Polisario entity) from the African Union. Gathered in Tangier for the MEDays Forum, the African ministers launched the “Call from Tangier” to continue promoting unity and pan-Africanism and deliver the AU from an “error” that is undermining the development of the continent.

The former prime ministers and heads of diplomacy of Senegal, Djibouti, Malawi, Liberia, Gabon, Guinea, Central African Republic, Eswatini and Kenya have launched a solemn appeal to expel the self-proclaimed SADR from the African Union.

The separatist Polisario entity is not recognized by any international or regional body, nor by the United Nations, nor the Arab League, nor the OIC, apart from the African Union, which is an exception.

The authors of the Tangier Appeal drew up “the bitter observation of the presence in the African Union of a non-State and non-sovereign entity” following a bias operated in 1982, in flagrant violation of the Charter of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) which they described as a “political and ideological coup de force” rather than a legal and legitimate legal act.

Saying that they are inspired by the ideals of the founding fathers of Pan-Africanism, promoting unity, solidarity, cohesion and effective economic cooperation between the independent and sovereign States of Africa, the signatories, including the former Minister of Foreign Affairs from Senegal, Mankeur Ndiaye, from Kenya, Rafael Tuju, from Guinea, Mamadi Touré, launched a “solemn appeal for expulsion from the ranks of the African Union”.

They recall that the presence of the SADR, an “artificial entity imposed” on the AU, is in violation of Article 3(b) and 4(b) of the Constitutive Act of this same regional organization, stressing that it has neither legitimacy nor legality.

The ministers, including the former Prime Minister of Djibouti, Dileita Mohamed Dileita and his counterpart from the Central African Republic, Martin Ziguélé, underlined all the fundamentals and constituent elements of a State that the sardp does not fulfill while being a member. of the African Union, namely that it does not have a territory, a population, and a government.

The SADR is an “artificial entity without sovereignty and non-independent” which has no international legal responsibility, it has no added value and “hinders the effectiveness of the African Union” which it threatens by its presence while threatening the continent’s political and economic integration, stability and regional security, they wrote.

Saying that they want to make their demands for peace, security, harmony and the unity of the continent heard loud and clear, they recall the need to respect the principles of international law, the sovereignty and independence of States Africans and to work “for a strong continent, rid of ideologies from another era, which feed divisions”.

The ministers, affirming their determination to combat all forms of extremism, separatism and secessionism, also “took note, with satisfaction, of the credible pan-African intellectual dynamic, which emerged in May 2021 in Mauritania” and which continues in many mainland countries.

Finally, they announce the creation of a contact group responsible for carrying the Tangier appeal, supported by a white paper bringing together the analyzes of the Amadeus Institute and other African think tanks with African Heads of State and decision-makers from the African Union.

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