FIFM: Sofia Saidi shines on the red carpet in a creation by Fatim Filali Idrissi

A purely traditional kaftan, inspired by Moroccan Amazigh culture, fashioned in an embroidered silk pike, hand-worked by the Maalem with silver silk thread, adorned with precious stones and coral beads of delicate beauty that blend subtly in Berber patterns and colors.

The famous Moroccan presenter is sublime in this creation by Fatim Zahra Filali Idrissi, whose name, talent and aura are well established, as the Moroccan designer is a hit internationally and in the four corners of the world.

Sofia Saidi precisely, is full of praise for the stylist who adorned her with the most beautiful finery on the occasion of this festival. “Passionate, committed and full of talent, the designer took particular care to sublimate her muse for a day, during the Marrakech International Film Festival with accessories that pay homage to different Berber regions and pay homage to our ancestral traditions” , she rejoices.

“When fashion becomes a culture, the caftan becomes language, expression and standard bearer of the culture and heritage of an entire nation, even a mirror of its history”adds Sofia, who believes that it is there “the good vision of the stylist Fatim-Zahra Filali who, through her traditional creations, represents Moroccan culture par excellence in Morocco and internationally”.

And to point out that “each piece, each collection, each line, imagined and designed in her workshops in Casablanca is for her a real gift of everything she herself represents as a pure Moroccan Berber”.

To conclude: “His DNA, his training and his artistic adventures for almost a decade are a real guarantee of his made in Morocco imprint on the fashion catwalks here and elsewhere. Isn’t it that Fatim-Zahra Filali Idrissi is on the way to becoming the icon of the traditional Moroccan caftan?

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