Fez, a UN summit for peace!

In terms of images and international prestige, Morocco rises to the top by hosting the 9th edition of the United Nations Summit for the Alliance of Civilizations. A major political event with high value in the unstable and effervescent context that the world is going through.

The choice of Morocco and the city of Fez is not due to the chance of any bureaucratic agenda. This choice was motivated by two important elements: The identity of the city of Fez, a spiritual and cultural stronghold which has its roots deep in history. And Morocco, one of the rare countries, in its category, to have inscribed in its constitutional marble, respect for diversity, tolerance, intelligent and peaceful dialogue with multiple, cultural, religious or societal identities.

Because in the end, this is what it will be about when it is necessary to energize, through seminars, workshops, the alliance of civilizations at the summit of Fez in which a thousand people from all over country and from all walks of life.

The Fez summit is not a classic meeting where only the States have the floor to unfold their arguments and their agendas, but rather a kind of forum which attracts to itself all the potentialities and all the voices working to establish bridges between different civilizations. The focus was on civil societies and social media influencers, with a special prediction for the youth of the African continent, long sidelined from this great conversation about fate and world peace.

At the top of Fez, it is in fact a real battle of values. In a world threatened with general military explosion because of this war which is being played out in the heart of Europe between Russia and Ukraine, in a world where the tendency is to withdraw into oneself, where the rejection of the other, xenophobia become assumed political postures, overlapping a discourse of dialogue, tolerance and openness, is a strategy against the current of the general atmosphere.

This choice, in terms of values, is capable of creating a saving thermal shock. In any case, this is the ambition and the cardinal challenge of this summit.

The United Nations chose the Kingdom of Morocco as a launching pad for this approach intended to fight against the temptations of exclusion, hatred of others, religious and cultural radicalism.

In terms of images and perceptions, Morocco imposes itself through the Fez summit as a country that produces and sends messages of peace, tolerance and coexistence in a world seized by its divisive, even warlike impulses, whose underground temptation is to give substance to this macabre theory of the clash of civilizations.

Morocco is at the forefront of the only worthwhile fight, that of defending diversity, dialogue between cultures and religions, tolerance with regard to differences. An approach that distinguishes it, enhances it and increases its credibility on the international level, nourishes its soft power as a militant power so that humanity is united, registered in a great alliance for peace when the course of events, in Europe as elsewhere , is left to the language of cannons and destructive missiles, with identical frustrations.

From Moroccan Fez, a message of hope and peace comes out to the world according to which war, hatred, violent confrontation are not inevitable and that, armed with a rich experience, a centuries-old experience, a leadership deeply committed to peace, Morocco can claim to set the course of history and enrich this dialogue of civilizations.

The UN has chosen Morocco to entrust it with the honor of carrying its vision of peace and peaceful coexistence between religions and cultures because it knows that its strategy will be communicated with great efficiency, carried by the Moroccan reality which protects the individual freedom and defends multiple identities.

Morocco derives political benefit of inestimable value from this, by seeing itself recognized internationally as a land of openness, a country that is militant for peace in the world and which actively participates in saving humanity from its destructive demons. .

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