Faced with the strike force of the FAR, Algiers relies on Iran and Cuba

The inclinations of the senile regime in Algiers are becoming more and more threatening towards Morocco, judging by its latest provocative attitudes. Also, it is easy to understand why the defense budget for the year 2023 has more than doubled.

Recently the senile Muppets show made in Algeria negotiated, and graciously provided the Polisario, with Iranian military drones, completed the construction of the second runway at Tindouf airport, under the supervision of Wagner and transferred there on the sly from sophisticated equipment such as air defense systems, including the most advanced Russian radar Rezonans-NE towards the Tindouf military base. The avowed objective of Algiers being the neutralization of Moroccan air capacities, in particular with regard to drones.

This radar features long-range surveillance capabilities, and is used to monitor the movements of unmanned aircraft. It provides information on all areas covered by air defense systems. Thus, in this perspective, Algiers has started “secret” negotiations with Cuba to acquire an encrypted communications system, which Cuban military researchers have made a point of developing especially for this region.

According to Morocco Intelligence, the Algerian presidency, whose name we willingly conceal out of modesty, officially asked the Cuban leader, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez during his visit to Algiers on November 16 to 17, to strengthen aid to the Polisario separatists. to accelerate the delivery of new encrypted communication systems to avoid our valiant Royal Armed Forces whose very precise strike force of sophisticated drones is unparalleled in the region.

Also faced with this firepower of the FAR, which is constantly modernizing and strengthening thanks to Israeli support, among others, Algiers relies on unfriendly Cuban technologies, developed by the Group (Gedeme) which claims to be specialized in the computer and communication industry. After the introduction by Algiers of Iran in the region hello there, a ghost, Cuba in this case, which enters the dance of a conflict which never ends to drag on through the fault of the capos from Algiers.

It should be noted that the Iranian presence in the region, mediated moreover by Algeria, aroused great controversy during the closed session of the meetings of Arab foreign ministers of the last Arab summit.

Indeed, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad, Nasser Bourita, had asked to include the armament supplied (drones etc.) by Iran to the “polisario” in the agenda. What the Algerian MAE, Ramtane Lamamra, had hastily rejected. But you don’t have to be a diviner to understand this refusal.

Moreover, according to the Algerian military dissidence in Great Britain, a crappy project woven by the senile of El Mouradia for his cherub, would have ended but it remains topical with regard to the noises of boots on the other side of the border.

The plan of the separatists being neither more nor less, to wage a lightning war, supposedly allowing them to occupy the buffer zone, after which Algeria would intervene with the UN authorities (Security Council) by registering as a mediator sic ! for a ceasefire. Pure utopia when you hold us.

It is as if some take their dreams for reality. There are more realistic and gentler ones that we gladly recommend to them: The round tables recommended by the UN and the SC. But since they’re square and bounded, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. So let’s leave them to their fantasies!

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