Experts say terrorism should never hide under the guise of self-determination

A seminar on terrorism and separatism in Africa was organized on Tuesday (November 15th) in Kenya, in which the Moroccan ambassador to Kenya, Abderrazzak Laassel, took part.

In Africa, and even elsewhere, diplomats and experts are pushing for Africa to trade more with each other and work for stability and peace in the region.

Speaking at a high-level seminar on separatism and terrorism, Morocco’s Ambassador to Kenya, Abderrazzak Laassel, hailed the role of Kenya, and its President William Ruto, in regional stability and from the rest of the continent.

Moreover, the Moroccan diplomat in Kenya did not fail to return to the negative and harmful role of the Polisario in the region, qualifying this separatist group as ” terrorist domiciled outside the country to destabilize Morocco”noting that the Kingdom remains a country “ unitary which respects the freedom and economic development of all”.

“This is an important seminar on the link between terrorism and separatism and how the continent must confront it for the prosperity of all”said Morocco’s ambassador to Kenya.

On this occasion, Abderrazzak Laassel expressed his satisfaction with the “recent declaration of President William Ruto in favor of the unity of Morocco”, affirming that it ” was welcome“.

In fact, during a press briefing with his counterpart in South Africa, President William Ruto focused last week on the Sahara issue, emphasizing in a statement that his country is committed to contributing to peacebuilding within the African Union and the United Nations Security Council. That said, the step of the official withdrawal of the recognition of the nickname ” SADR » is not yet crossed.

During the seminar held in Kenya, Professor Maria Nzomo of the UoN Center for International and Diplomatic Studies said that issues related to liberation are sensitive and must seek diplomatic approaches for lasting peace, stressing the need to resolve the underlying issues that cause such conflicts.

Terrorism should never hide under the cover of political emancipation and self-determination Nzomo said.

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