Daesh launches a new fatwa on the execution of women that threatens Moroccan women

Plunged into chaos and terror, Syria risks being once again the scene of the most terrible massacres. This time, the crimes continue through the so-called “Islamic State judge” who recently issued a new “fatwa” aimed at killing a number of women, including Moroccans, in the camp of Al-Hol, accused of carrying out “unauthorized critical intellectual activities”.

Sources within the coordination committee of the families of Moroccan detainees in Syria and Iraq affirmed that the executioners of the terrorist organization Daesh are preparing to kill a group of women for having taken part in the propagation of ideas contrary to the doctrine imposed by the caliphate.

A Moroccan name is on the list of people slated for execution by the terrorist group, the sources say, noting that several Moroccan women and their children live in terror and fear of being found and suffering the same fate as the condemned and find themselves forced to move from one tent to another to escape their executioners.

The families of Moroccans detained in the Al-Hol camp in northern Syria face a critical situation now that the “Islamic State judge” has published his announcement not removing anyone from the list, nor women , nor children.

In this regard, the Coordinating Committee warned against the delay of the Moroccan authorities in the operations of “return” of the families to Morocco. The women say they are ready to accept all kinds of penalties once they return to Moroccan territory rather than stay in Syria and see their children killed in front of them.

But the question of the return of these fighters of the Islamic State poses several problems as much for Morocco as for the other countries. The annual report of the Ministry of the Interior, dedicated to the first eight months of the year 2022, indicated that these fighters seek to infiltrate their countries of origin in order to carry out terrorist operations, which represents a considerable security threat. .

The women are voluntarily ready to accept all kinds of penalties, to save their families once they return to Moroccan territory rather than staying in Syria and seeing their children killed in front of them.

It should be noted that the Moroccan authorities estimate the number of Moroccan nationals in Syria, Iraq and among the Kurds at 277 prisoners, including 65 men, 30 women, 182 children and 17 orphan minors.

For its part, the Committee presents other figures, counting 97 women detained in the camps in northern Syria, and who would be accompanied by 259 children, and 25 orphan minors. As for the male combatants detained, this number would reach nearly 130 people, in addition to 10 detainees in Iraqi prisons including two women.

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