Concert for Tolerance, successful bet for the 14th edition

The city of Agadir shone with a thousand lights on November 12, 2022 on the occasion of the 14th edition of the Concert for Tolerance. Postponed twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Concert for Tolerance came back in force this year, bringing together stars, musicians and an audience of Moroccans and foreign tourists who came in large numbers to attend this moment of festivity. and sharing.

The beach and the corniche of Agadir brought together more than 127,000 people, including a large part of Gadiris, happy to find the festive atmosphere of this legendary Concert which is the pride of the city. A Concert which, let us remember, contributes to the tourist influence of the seaside resort and carries the values ​​of tolerance, sharing and living together, specific to Morocco and which are part of the ancestral identity of the Cherifian Kingdom.

On Saturday November 12, 2022, at nightfall, a range of Moroccan and French artists sublimated the main stage of the Concert and honored this great Franco-Moroccan cultural event.

All the ingredients were in place to make the long-awaited return of the Concert for Tolerance a success. Spectators, especially tourists, were amazed by the pleasant climate of the seaside resort during the Concert. They were sublimated by the breathtaking view of the Corniche of Agadir, adorned by the giant stage of the Concert, with in the background the mythical inscription of the motto of Morocco “Allah, Al Watan, Al Malik”, engraved on the famous hill overlooking the capital of Souss.

The public thus vibrated to the rhythm of tolerance thanks to the unique performances of well-known artists such as Gims, Douzi, Patrick Bruel, Ridsa, Chimène Badi Claudio Capéo, Manal, Abi, Christophe Willem, Mentissa, Lazzara and many others. This unprecedented “line-up” of Moroccan and French stars has worn loud and clear the colors of a country where multicultural cohabitation, living together and tolerance have always coexisted. Values ​​that the public of the Concert, Moroccans and foreigners, had the pleasure of living with the artists, while admiring the majestic sunset over the ocean.

The Concert was particularly rich in highlights. The artist Manal Benchlikha literally set the stage on fire with his hit “Niya”, an ode to the Moroccan Chikhates, and his famous song “Makhalaw Magalou” which the Gadiri audience knows by heart. Douzi’s performance was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Concert. The audience wonderfully interacted with the famous song “Laayoun Aynia”, performed by the young artist, and “Ya Rayah” which Douzi sang in duet with Camélia Jordana.

The artists Chimène Badi and Claudio Capéo, for their part, aroused great emotion in the public thanks to a performance carrying a message of hope, interpreted by dozens of children. A nice surprise that cheered up the spectators. The Concert closed with Gims’ famous rhythmic hit, “Sapés comme Never”, which all the artists sang on stage before greeting the public who responded to this great festive event.

Those who could not attend these unique moments of festivities will have the opportunity to enjoy them on the small screen, since a television show was filmed in live conditions thanks to the technical means of the 2M television channel. . The Concert will be broadcast by 2M and its partner channels, M6, co-producer of the event, as well as W9, available on TNT, cable and satellite and also through the international network of TV5 Monde.

Produced by Electron Libre, in partnership with the City of Agadir, M6 and 2M, the Concert for Tolerance marked its return with brio and succeeded in promoting the city of Agadir and Morocco internationally. The success of this 14th edition is also due to the mobilization of the authorities of the city of Agadir, to the forces of order and above all to the local population, who reserve for each edition a warm welcome worthy of the legendary Moroccan hospitality.

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