Casablanca Stock Exchange up for closing

The Casablanca Stock Exchange ends its financial year up on Wednesday, its flagship index, the MASI, taking 0.38%, to 10,621.27 points (pts).

The MSI 20, an index grouping the 20 most liquid stocks, advanced by 0.61%, to 851.85 pts, and the Casablanca ESG 10, thematic index which calculates the performance of the prices of socially responsible companies, rose by 0. .43%, at 799.4 pts.

The FTSE CSE Morocco 15, made up of the 15 main securities of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, classified by market capitalization, as well as the FTSE CSE Morocco All-Liquid, a benchmark index which tracks the performance of all liquid securities on the Stock Exchange, rose respectively by 0.59%, at 9,708.01 pts and 0.72%, at 8,872.81 pts.

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