Bourita: King Mohammed VI invites the Algerian president to come "to dialogue" in Morocco

King Mohammed VI has invited Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to come “to dialogue” in Morocco, for lack of being able to do so during the Arab League summit in Algiers, reports the AFP news agency, quoting the Minister of Affairs foreigners, Nasser Bourita.

This invitation, which is not new, comes after the Sovereign asked Bourita to chair the Moroccan delegation to the work of the Arab Summit in Algiers, underlines AFP, recalling that it is part of a context of acute crisis between the two Maghreb countries, after the rupture of their diplomatic relations in August 2021, at the initiative of Algiers.

The King had announced in recent days his intention to go to Algiers, where he had been invited as Head of State of Morocco by President Tebboune.

But “no confirmation came (from the Algerian side) through the available channels” after the Moroccan delegation in Algiers inquired about the arrangements planned to welcome the Sovereign, explained Bourita, who lamented that he did not there was “no response through the appropriate channels”.

Reacting to the declarations of his Algerian counterpart according to which President Tebboune would have formally received King Mohammed VI on his arrival in Algiers, Bourita considered that “this kind of meeting cannot be improvised in an airport lounge”.

Also “His Majesty (Mohammed VI) gave his instructions to send an open invitation to President Tebboune since this dialogue could not take place in Algiers”, assured Bourita.

As a reminder, King Mohammed VI has repeatedly reiterated in recent years an “outstretched hand” to Algeria, despite the deterioration of bilateral relations.

“We aspire to work with the Algerian presidency so that Morocco and Algeria can work, hand in hand, to establish normal relations between two brotherly peoples,” the Sovereign notably indicated during the last Speech from the Throne.

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