between fraud and impossible delivery, the conscience of France

It is a real obstacle course that Moroccan citizens must complete before obtaining and possibly not a sesame as a visa for France, but the appointment to “candidat” if we can dare the verb , its formalities appear in the cardiovascular risks.

Indeed, it is necessary for many of the Moroccan citizens before obtaining an appointment, often to go through the “dark side” of the thing. Because indeed, it is impossible to grant it on the site of the service provider who deals with visa applications, TLS Contact. As a result, you have to sacrifice your honor on the altar of illegality through intermediaries who do not obey any moral or legal rule and filing a visa application for France is insurmountably difficult. It is almost impossible to get, via the TLS Contact platform, the simple appointment allowing you to aspire to a file submission. Free slots are rare, or even non-existent to do this.

In this context, it is the illegal intermediaries who take full advantage. The latter, without scruples, seized the opportunity of a slot well before the visa applicant, and they monopolized the appointments available that day, in order to resell them illegally. Sometimes they are resold at the cost of the visa, a little over 1000 dirhams, or even more depending on the circumstances. And when there is no visa issuance, it is a double sanction (amount of the visa, bribe of the intermediary) which falls on the unfortunate applicant of the sesame, in addition to the sum paid to TLS Contact for the study of the file (400 dirhams).

The French diplomatic authorities claim to “fight with determination” against this phenomenon. Unfortunately, on the ground there is nothing concrete. The mafia operates without impunity. In this story of visa fraud, it is not only France, other European countries are concerned.

The diplomats of Italy and the Netherlands took the bull by the horns through immediate “technical” measures while waiting for others to follow to stem the scourge. These measures have already had some effects and have made it possible to lighten the system without completely eradicating this misery. One of them is essential. It is simply intended to be nominative. In fact, most visa applicants wonder how a single individual can make so many appointment reservations to resell them later while others watch over it all day vain.

That being so, and by chance, and even if these steps have been passed legally or illegally, our applicant’s misfortunes will not stop there, because he will still have to take the big leap, that is to say the deliverance of the visa. And there is another story initiated by Macron one day in September 2021 when France decided to halve the number of visas granted to Moroccan and Algerian citizens and by a third to Tunisian nationals.

Since then, Macron has corrected the situation by “amnestizing” Tunisia and promising Algeria to relieve it. For us, he plans to tighten the policy of granting visas even if he disguised it on the France 2 channel by saying “nationals of Maghreb countries”. Follow other looks… only we are left with the “panous” par excellence. In short, let’s leave France to its own conscience.

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