Bensaid presents the action program of its Department in 2023

The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid presented, on Friday in Rabat, the results of his department for the current year, as well as the action program for the 2023 financial year. .

During his presentation of the department’s sectoral budget for the 2023 financial year before the Committee on Education, Culture and Communication in the House of Representatives, Bensaid affirmed that the 2023 action plan is based on the development of a national cultural strategy, the completion of cultural projects included in the agreements signed before King Mohammed VI, and the protection and enhancement of the national tangible and intangible cultural heritage, as well as the development and support of cultural and creative industries.

It is also about strengthening cultural infrastructures in the different corners of the Kingdom, the digitalization and modernization of cultural action, as well as the promotion of the social protection of artists, in addition to the development of cultural partnership programs and the improvement of the cultural offer intended for foreign countries.

He said, in this regard, that the ministry will strive to complete the royal projects which required an envelope of 190 million dirhams (MDH), implement new or ongoing cultural projects and projects, and continue to support festivals and cultural events.

The ministry will also work to strengthen bilateral and multilateral cultural cooperation and with various regional and international organizations, and participate in events focusing on African cultural diversity and organized in Africa, as well as organize events to celebrate the heritage Judeo-Moroccan culture.

On the legislative and regulatory level, Bensaid indicated that a certain number of legislative and regulatory texts are in the process of being examined and approved, in particular a bill on the protection, preservation and enhancement of material cultural heritage. and immaterial, a draft decree on the creation and organization of the National Higher Institute of Music and Choreographic Art, and a draft decree on the reorganization of the National Institute of Archeology and Heritage, as well as a bill on the creation and organization of an institution dedicated to Moroccan artists and creators.

Regarding the Department’s balance sheet for the current year, Bensaid pointed out that the ministry’s actions have mainly focused on the preservation and rehabilitation of cultural heritage, support for books and public reading, in addition to encouragement of artistic creativity and support for creators.

In addition, the supervisory ministry has focused on strengthening cultural infrastructure, modernizing administration, consolidating governance and digitalization, as well as promoting cultural diplomacy.

Regarding the communication sector, the government official noted that his Department has endeavored to support national media production, promote press institutions and their economic model, as well as strengthen dedicated support for the print and digital press. .

In this aspect, the ministry also intends to support the regional press with a view to supporting the advanced regionalization project, strengthening national public broadcasting and guaranteeing a free and respectful media practice of plurality, he assured.

With regard to the MAP, the Minister emphasized the improvement of the Agency’s performance as well as the strengthening of its positioning at the regional and international level, noting that the news of the regions has crossed the threshold of 30% of dispatches produced, the same for cultural news, which has increased to reach 10% of production.

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