Belgium places Imam Iquioussen in a closed center before deporting him to Morocco

Imam Hassan Iquioussen, born in France and of Moroccan origin, will be expelled to Morocco, decided the Belgian justice where he sought asylum. On Wednesday, he was placed in a closed center.

“The man lost his right of residence in France and had to return to his country of origin, Morocco. He was therefore placed in a closed return center with a view to his removal from the territory, ”said the Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Nicole de Moor, in a press release.

Belgian justice had a second time refused to hand over the imam to France on Tuesday, but will deport him directly to Morocco, even if it is a country he does not know technically given that he was born and lived all his life in France.

The 58-year-old man had been the subject of an expulsion order from the French Interior Ministry since August and had found refuge in Belgium to avoid this expulsion.

“I will not fail to follow this case carefully with my services. We cannot tolerate that an extremist who has no right of residence can walk around our territory. Anyone who is not allowed to be here should be fired. We remain in contact with France to allow its removal, ”said Nicole de Moor, quoted by the Belgian daily Le Soir.

Seeking asylum in Belgium to prevent France from deporting him to Morocco, Hassan Iquioussen had until then been under house arrest in Mons, near the French border, since his arrest by the Belgian authorities on September 30, as part of of a European arrest warrant issued by France.

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