Baitas insists everyone has to pay income tax

Government spokesman Mustapha Baitas returned Thursday at a press conference to the ongoing disputes concerning the income tax deducted at source from the liberal professions decided in the new finance law. From now on, it will no longer be possible to evade taxes.

Speaking at the press briefing at the end of the government council held this Thursday, November 17, Mustapha Baitas, government spokesperson, indicated that the executive, through the new measures taken concerning income tax (IR), opened the door for categories that were not paying contributions to fulfill their regulatory duty believing that public sector employees alone cannot bear this burden.

The spokesperson recalled that there is a set of liberal professions, self-exempt from the payment of income tax, which must in particular pay contributions in the same way as other professionals, employees and civil servants, while specifying that the government has only applied the tax framework law.

According to Baitas’ response, some tax justice must be meted out to those affected by insisting that “those who do not pay must pay”. The spokesperson, however, welcomed the sense of citizenship of the professionals, because, despite the disputes, none of them expressed a refusal to pay the tax”, he noted referring to the strikes which have been held for a week.

He thus pointed out that the government, during the presentation of che procedures which are part of the new finance law, led several open discussions, within the first Chamber and with professionals.

Baitas also announced, in the same context, that the Executive has today approved Draft Decree No. 2.22.859 amending and supplementing Decree No. 2.21.751 of December 29, 2021, pursuant to Law No. ° 98.15 and Law No. 99.15, relating to traditional traders and craftsmen.

He added that this project comes to match the level of net annual profits made with the amount of income that relevant traditional traders and manufacturers have to pay, so as to calculate the related income tax in the fairest way. possible.

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