around 50 people sentenced to death

In August 2021, while Kabylia was ravaged by fires which had killed more than a hundred people, a 38-year-old man, Djamel Bensmail, in this case wrongly suspected of being an arsonist, had been lynched by a angry mob from a village in the wilaya of Tizi Ouzou who had mutilated and burned his body.

The images had gone around the world and a hundred people across several regions of the country were arrested and were prosecuted. Justice delivered its verdict on Thursday, November 24. The court of Dar El Beïda condemned fifty people (49) to death, 28 to sentences ranging from 2 to 10 years in prison, and acquitted 17. Capital punishment has not been applied in Algeria since the black decade which suggests that those sentenced to capital punishment will be assigned to life imprisonment.

They were a hundred people including a dozen women who had appeared in court in Dar El Beida (Court of Algiers) for “intentional homicide with premeditation and terrorist and subversive acts against the State and national unity, violent aggression against public forces, dissemination of hate speech, and incitement to the destruction of the property of others and armed crowds”. The trial was obviously public.

The case begins with the murder of Djamel Bensmail, a native of Khemis Miliana (Ain Defla), which occurred on August 11, 2021 in Larbaâ Nath Irathen, wilaya of Tizi Ouzou, following a lynching by a crowd who accused him for a reason. unknown to be the author of arson in the region. Djamel Bensmail had just come to lend a hand to the citizen mobilization against the forest fires which then ravaged the region. The victim, Djamel Bensmail, “went to the police on her own” after hearing that he was suspected of arson.

He took it badly! The police gave him food to the crowd waiting for him in front of the Larbaâ Nath Irathen police station where he was stabbed, lynched, burned and his body mutilated (head decapitated). Excerpts from videos projected in the room during the trial testify to this. Following this affair which had gone around the world and caused a wave of emotion in Algeria, the senile regime of the capos in the East of Eden, to veil its powerlessness and its inability to manage the country in the face of multiple crises he goes through, had decreed these fires of criminal origin and above all had willingly dedicated the responsibility to us.

Algiers became the laughingstock of the world by exploiting the fires that it had itself caused and accused the Kingdom of blowing on the embers. The proof that this high-fire genocide was organized, of all the arsonists arrested, those belonging to the security services were immediately released and therefore did not attend the trial which was to be above all, their trial.

The Algerians in the midst of the fires in Kabylia had deplored the lack of means deployed by the authorities in the region and the powerlessness of the public authorities to stop this scourge. Totally overwhelmed, the senile regime of Algiers had not deigned to accept the aid of Morocco, which offered to send two canadairs. Furthermore, neither the President of the Republic, who had decreed three days of national mourning nor his sponsor, the general in childbirth, nor his Prime Minister deemed it necessary to go to the field to show their solidarity with the inhabitants of the Kabylia ravaged and the families of the victims.

It is true that the landscape was only desolation, charred vegetation, burning hills, dying cattle and besieged villages, little to the taste of Al Mouradia and company who prefer to strut around in other luxurious places.

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