Angry at new tax measures, lawyers on 4-day strike

Apparently, the 2023 finance bill (PLF) is causing more dissatisfaction than satisfaction. This is the case of the black dresses who expressed their anger on Tuesday, November 1 on the new tax measures concerning them introduced in the PLF 2023, by organizing a sit-in in several cities of the kingdom. The lawyers also announced a four-day strike starting this Tuesday. Point.

In a will to broaden its tax base “, the government is attacking the liberal professions by imposing new tax measures in the 2023 finance bill. Notaries and even lawyers will be subject to tax on the slightest service provided.

Indeed, the black robes, or the professional civil society of lawyers, will have to pay spontaneously to the secretary-clerk, on behalf of the collector of the tax administration, at the cash of the court, an advance which varies between 300 and 500 dirhams per file and according to the jurisdictions, on the IR (income tax) or on the IS (corporate tax), for the current financial year can be read in the PLF 2023.

After the publication of the note of the PLF 2023, the representatives of the Bar Association of Morocco (ABAM) organized a meeting yesterday, Monday October 31, with the representatives of the government as well as groups and parliamentary groupings of the House of Representatives in order to reach a solutionmutually agreeableto the problems posed by these tax measures intended for lawyers, which appear in the PLF 2023.

In a press release from ABAM, it is indicated that the members of the Council of the Bar Association of Casablanca decided, after consulting the results of the meeting, that the conclusions “ would fail to guarantee fair access to justice and the right of citizens to preserve their rights without financial constraints “.

Hence the sit-in organized on November 1, by the ABAM, before various courts in the Kingdom, in particular before the Court of Appeal of Casablanca, in Mohamm├ędia or even in Benslimane.

A hundred lawyers responded to ABAM’s call by massively participating in this Tuesday’s sit-in, thus expressing their anger at the tax measures concerning them in the PLF 2023, which according to them “damage the right of access of litigants to justice and undermine the mission and prerogatives of lawyers “. The black dresses also denounced the lack of approach “participatory in the processing of their file.

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